Junk Your Car in San Diego

What we do is take that old, used car off your hands and give you cash on the spot for it. We noticed that many people have trouble selling their old, used cars. Selling a car these days seems like it should be easier, but it's really just a hassle. Instead of putting a for sale sign in the window of your car and driving it around, or placing an ad in the paper, you now have to do both of those things, plus make ads for it on 3-4 other sites, and many of those sites cost money to list your car.

After you do all of this, you get a few offers, but none of them are quite what you were looking for. People just lowball you and it's not even like a generous competitive price for your car. It's like they don't care, offering 20-30% less than what you asked for your perfectly good car.

It's just too much to deal with. That's why we came up with this service, because we buy a lot of cars, but we noticed that most of the people we buy them from really just want the car sold for a reasonable price.

What we do is pick the car up from you, in your garage or wherever you are storing it and give you cash on the spot. It's really that simple. We can even help you junk a car for cash in San Diego.

We don't lowball you either. You get what your car is really worth from us on the spot. And we'll take just about any car no matter what kind of condition it is in as long as you're in the San Diego area.

Got into a car accident and just want to scrap the car? We'll take it and give you cash. Have a 15 year old clunker that's just collecting dust? We'll take that too and give you cash on the spot.

We've been in business for years doing this and have gotten quite a few customers over the years. We love what we do and would love to take your old, crappy car right off your hands for you.