We Buy Used Automobiles, And Pay You Cash

Are you looking to sell your old vehicle? Try our company here in San Diego, California. Our company specializes in purchasing pre-owned and used vehicles of all makes and models. Instead of taking your car to the junkyard or selling it at the car lot for less than it's worth, try using our service to maximize the return on your vehicle. You may wonder what makes us different from the countless other companies that offer similar services. First, we come to you. You don't have to go through the cost and hassle of bringing your car to us. We make the process simple and easy. Second, we buy a variety of cars and trucks of different makes and models. Finally we have a good reputation in the business. Our history and satisfied customers can assure you that you are dealing with a legitimate business.

Convenience and Ease

We aim to make the process of selling your car convenient and simple. All you do is contact us and we do the rest from pick up to payment for your vehicle. You don't have to put ads in the newspaper or online. You don't have to wait for an interested buyer to call. With us you are instantly connected with a ready buyer for your car. We come to your home or business and pick up your car and then you get your payment in cash.

We Purchase Many Makes and Models

Unlike many car buyers we have a broad set of criteria when it comes to the cars we are willing to buy. We purchase many makes and models. As long as car meets our basic requirements, it is eligible for sale. To learn more about the vehicles we accept explore our website for more information.

Established Reputation

When you work with our company you're not working with an establishment that takes advantage of its customers. We've been in business for a long time and people in San Diego know of our excellent track record. When you do business with us, you know that you are in good hands and will get a fair price.